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Evolution of a Song (Stage 4) 

The Evolution of a Song

Stage 4

Second Verse, Bridge, Demo Track, Critique from Nashville Pro.

In the second verse, I keep the story in the room with the grandson still speaking to the grandfather. Using "He said" in the first line of the lyric, just like in the first line of the first verse and chorus.

In the bridge, I decided to have the grandfather speak and then the final chorus would naturally flip back to the grandson. 

I tried to use language in the second verse that a younger boy who wouldn't…

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Evolution of a Song (Stage 3) 

The Evolution of a Song


First Verse and Chorus 

I like what I have so far so I typed out a lyric sheet with a first verse and chorus. This helps me stay organized and it makes me feel like I'm making progress. I don't always use this writing workflow, it changes just about every song. Half of the songs I write are handwritten and complete before I type them. (see the blog post "It's a Sensory Thing")

With this song, I used a few typed sheets to mark my changes while playing my piano and guitar.…

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It's a Sensory Thing - Some Quirky Things About Me 

Songwriting is a sensory thing for me. I’m not talking about playing instruments, hearing sound and singing. I’m talking about the actual process of physically writing lyrics. Here are a few quirky things about me. 

I can’t write on lined paper I feel restricted by the lines. The lines make me feel boxed in like a jail cell. They make me feel like I have to be organized when I don’t want to be. There is a time for organizing in songwriting, but I’ll talk about that in another blog post. 

I can’t use a…

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The Evolution of a Song (Stage 2) 

The Evolution of a Song




The following pages are my first scribbles keeping in mind that the song idea is the grandson wanting to be in grandpa's band. In the back of my head, I'm also thinking that I need to keep the language as conversational as possible and if the words are coming from the young boy's perspective the words used need to be what a 3 to 5-year-old would say. At this point in my head, I've formulated a scene in a living room with the young boy facing the…

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The Evolution of a Song (Stage 1) 

The Evolution of a Song by Lane Kamp 

Songs can go through many stages, many re-writes, several demos and production tweaks before the final version is cut for distribution. 

In this post, I will share the complete evolution of one of my songs from scribbles to typed lyrics to scratch vocal recording, to a demo tape, to the final studio recording ready for distribution. 

Keep checking in periodically as I add all of the stages and the detail and talk about what I was thinking as I was going through the…

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