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    Welcome to my songwriting page! 

    I write songs in all genres for bands and individual artists. If you’re looking for original songs that will fit your style, please contact me so we can talk about your next project. 

    All the songs on my website are self-published, radio-ready quality or demo quality that I am using for my own singer-songwriter catalog or they are being pitched to other recording artists by industry pros.

    You can purchase all of my songs in MY MUSIC store or on iTunes. 

    If you're a recording artist/band, A&R executive, song pitcher, manager, or producer, and have an interest in any of my songs, please give me a call or send me an email. 

    Thanks for listening! 

    Lane Kamp, Songwriter, Recording Artist 
    Member: BMI, 
    Nashville Songwriters Assoc. 
    Arizona Songwriters Assoc.